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Slime By Sienna

The Baking Bunny

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This slime Box includes:

4.5 oz Easter Cake Batter scented chocolate brownie

4.5 oz Easter Cookie Dough scented popping candy

4.5 oz Carrot Cupcake scented birthday cake batter

Clay popsicle to mix into your slime 

Coloured bag of floam balls

Two mini tubs of assorted sprinkles

Lollie container with sprinkles

test tube filled of sprinkles

Mini container of strawberry sauce (clear slime)

Rolling pin, spatula & charms

All add ins are packaged separately to add into your slime for extra fun!

NOTE: Slime is at its best when opened within 4 weeks

Slime is not edible. Recommended for ages 4 and up. Slime care instruction sheets and a bag of borax will be provided with your order so you can maintain your slime. 

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